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For more than 20 years, Chenguang New Materials has been committed to the development, production and application of functional silanes. We always maintain close communication with customers, discuss with them, understand their needs, and guide our R&D and production.
Decades of experience accumulation and our focus on core areas have made us an expert in the functional silane industry and one of the leading suppliers, which is our competitive advantage. The research and development of dozens of products, pilot trials and mass production of more than 60 production lines require a large amount of professional knowledge reserves and stable control of the entire industry chain. In order to provide our customers with more stable and safe services, we choose ourselves to be responsible for all important production steps. From the source of production, we select silicon according to strict standards, to the production of basic raw material trichlorosilane, to the production of various intermediates and finished products, and we have realized the layout of the entire industry chain.
In the production process, hydrogen chloride is not only one of the important production raw materials, but also a by-product in most production processes. The company innovated and used a dry process to recover the hydrogen chloride produced during the production process. This not only effectively solves the environmental pollution caused by the efflux of hydrogen chloride dissolved in water to form hydrochloric acid, but also greatly saves production costs. Therefore, we can provide customers with more competitive products.

It is widely used to improve the adhesion between adhesives and sealants and inorganic substrates (such as glass, metal, stone, etc.). In many application scenarios in the aircraft, automobile, and construction industries, silane-enhanced adhesives and sealants have replaced expensive and complex processes such as bolting, welding, and riveting.

Adhesives and sealantsTypical application scenarios of silane-enhanced adhesives and sealants:




Main performance improvements:

N0.1. Improve water resistance

N0.2. Improve thermal stability

N0.3. Chemical resistant

N0.4. Enhanced resistance to ultraviolet radiation

N0.5. Enhance the adhesion between filler and polymer substrate

N0.6. Reduce the viscosity of uncured adhesives and sealants

N0.7. Cross-linking of bonding parts

N0.8. Extend bond life


NO.1 NO.2 NO.3 NO.4 NO.5 NO.6 NO.7 NO.8 NO.9

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